Welcome to f.it

f.it is sportswear that doesn't take itself too seriously.  Our range is great for sport, with high performance wicking t-shirts designed to cope with bucket loads of sport-induced sweat... but the whole range works just as well parked sedentarily in front of a tv!

f.it allows you to reflect your own style.  Each t-shirt is printed to your specification meaning you get to chose your perfect colour/design combination... your perfect f.it!  

We currently have 30 t-shirt colours and 63 shades of vinyl (used in 3 different areas), giving over 7 million colour combinations for you to choose from.

Even if you don't want to buy, you can try and find your perfect f.it here: /signature-tee

When a combination is purchased for the first time, the owner will be invited to name that combination.


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